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Targeted audience

The Antepedia Community consists of anyone who is concerned with management of third party software artifacts. This includes Software Developers, Team and Project Managers, QA Engineers, and Legal Counsels. Furthermore, it is for those in the community, who want to share and discuss details regarding the license of a particular artifact, license compliance, matching between security issues and specific artifacts of a project.


  • Managing bill of materials over the whole software life cycle, facing increase of complex sourcing
  • Addressing Intellectual Property Challenges
    • Recording your software in software prior art, and let others know, protecting your work early and often
    • Complying with regulation rules from different countries, getting strong legal evidence at a reasonable cost
  • Supply chain needs
    • Referring in a contract to a specific version of an artifact on which legal liabilities and support terms apply and in which third party components are identified
    • Checking integrity of a software deliverable and track it through your own development factory, without disclosing confidential materials.

Who is supporting Antepedia ?

Antepedia is currently hosted and supported by a group of entities including INRIA, University Paris Diderot and Antelink.

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