Antepedia Tools

Antepedia Reporter ®

  • Customize & Manage Software Bill of Materials
  • Enforce your 3rd Party License Policy
  • Track your software components
  • Timestamp and record your private components
  • Manage your catalog components, updates & security Fixes

Antepedia Reporter

Antepedia Reporter allows your developers, project managers, or legal advisors to create reports about the open source, public and private components in your code base.

  • Execute license compliance audits and Intellectual property (IP) rights management
  • Generate automatic Bill-of-Materials (BoM) reports
  • Improve collaboration between sofware developers, project managers, and the legal department of your organization
  • Manage your Catalog Components and setup software tracking for your organization
  • Full web inteface, which is quick and easy to use
  • Your source code never leaves your server
  • Free Edition, Cloud-Based service
  • Jenkins Plugin

Continuous Integration

  • Jenkins Plugin
  • Support all kind of builds
  • Automatic creation of BoM reports for each build
  • Create summary report with the list of licenses
  • PDF report for each build

Jenkins plugin Jenkins plugin