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  • vdream

    DreamCast emulator for PC, under GPL license

  • lsrikanth.u

  • gtilloo.u

  • neudist

    A Transaction Clearing Framework for developing Distributed Financial Applications

  • jmals-portfolio

    A personal portfolio done by me

  • mmsystem

    A very cheap and affordable materials management system which can be integrated to any existing similar infrastructure.functionality right from the...

    Licensed under: LGPL-2.0 

  • danmackay.u

  • dasonheit.u

  • winquickpost

    No description

  • webpresent

    This project aims to create a webbased system to create presentations and allow multiple users to collaborate on creating those presentations and ...

    Licensed under: GPL 

  • ts3cep

    A Complete Package editor for TS3

  • kaimitsu

    Kaimistu is an Open Source Program.

    Licensed under: Public Domain 

  • littlepos

    This project is a small Point of Sale System that is developer in Java (Swing API) and mySQL DB.

    Licensed under: GPL 

  • tinmusix

    Music by me, avalible as a mp3. Here you can find all the music I have made

  • spywaredeact

    Elimina spywares de una manera rapida, puedes gestionar una base de datos y agregar un spyware nuevo que no exista en ella y asi eliminarlo facilme...

  • linuxdcpp-ru

    This project's mission is to improve linuxdcpp direct connect networks client ( ).

    Licensed under: GPL-2.0 ... 

  • myunnamed.u

  • projfactory

    Projeto final da faculdade

  • komclean

    KOMclean is a client for LysKOM ( ). It displays all ...

    Licensed under: BSD 

  • interact

    Groupware utilising Jabber/XMPP transport, modularised to allow easy extensibility through additional handlers. Will initially encompass calendar, ...

    Licensed under: GPL-2.0 ...