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  • niebelungenlied

    Das NIebelungenlied RELOADED

  • hoepschjson

    Hoepsch JSON is a Java library for creating and reading JSON Objects. The library focusses on ease of use, simplicity and consistency. Object creat...

    Licensed under: LGPL ... 

  • pdoxml

    PdoXml is an fast and easy to use PHP extension writen in C for converting results from PDO queries to XML. You can create XML document from databa...

    Licensed under: LGPL 

  • moonwalker

    ???????-1.0 ???????????? ????? ?????????? ??????????? ???????, ??????????????? ??? ???????? ??????????? ????????????.

  • jagt

    Software Grading Site for use in Education. Goal is to check code for appropriate syntatical style, proper compilation, and execution. Initial rele...

  • hadeeermagdy

    this project about editor same as word

  • astariaro

    Astaria-Ro is a SVN for Astaria Launcher

  • imobili

    No description

  • illustrativesim

    Licensed under: GPL-3.0 

  • nicotos

    Fan page for Nicolas Tosca

  • b2evo-captcha

    A PHP class and example implementation of an image CAPTCHA. Uses random TrueTrype fonts and ramdom lengths, sizes and character rotation, as well a...

    Licensed under: GPL-2.0 ... 

  • wlsl

    i like it.

  • symphs

    A simple yet elegant FPS/space exploration/adventure game influenced by Star Control II/Battlezone.

    Licensed under: GPL-2.0 ... 

  • hlds

    Halo Linux Dedicated Server. It's a daemon for host your halo (bungie pc game) matches on your linux machine without windows. HLDS is an open sourc...

  • paolocastro.u

  • bgchanger

    BgChanger is a simple set of python scripts adding wallpaper rotation functionality to gnome. It is designed to be *simple* above all else. No comp...

    Licensed under: LGPL-2.0 

  • ytbc-com

    PHP and MySQL based community like former Yahoo groups or Lycos clubs. Features: member registration, groups/clubs, per group: files, messages, su...

    Licensed under: GPL 

  • paulr5930.u

  • bookingcalendar

    This isn't just another PHP calendar application. This calendar application was designed with booking and tracking in mind. Note: This project is n...

    Licensed under: LGPL ... 

  • jhb2529.u