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  • oc4kids

    OpenCourse4Kids is a non-lucrative electronic Book to teach ITCs at elementary level using open source software.The first release will be done in S...

  • arkvideo

    A web-based video archival system designed to store regular events for an organization

    Licensed under: GPL 

  • we51prores

    KM Linux Misc tool.For example,KReplace and poautotranslate.It 's not big,but it 's useful!So.There is misc tool of kmlinux pool.

  • perferadianc

  • ldappp

    An open source,cross-platform LDAP C++ template library.

    Licensed under: GPL-2.0 ... 

  • a-home

    Academician home website script to connect with their students more collaboratively. It includes course sections, annouincements, email notificatio...

    Licensed under: OS Independent (Written in an interpreted language) 

  • sanascape

    RS2 Private Server, Dodian 317Currently in development

  • comp5531-team3

    here is for course comp5531-db-team3 at summer 2010

  • jfuzzinator

    JFuzzinator is an open source java based generic Type 1 Fuzzy logic engine using Centroid function to calculate the fuzzy output JFuzzinator takes ...

  • stvenantskrot

    No description

  • weihaiseo

    No description

  • wmkcalendar

    Mediawiki calendar extension

  • masjien

    MASJIEN (Mega Awesome Supersonic Juggernaut Indexing ENgine) is a simple search engine written in python.

  • tacopy

    PyTaco is a text adventure development framework written in Python. PyTaco is currently in development and at the moment only features a basic game...

    Licensed under: GPL 

  • cwdb

    This is The new DB in Development Status for 3.1.1a

    Licensed under: GPL 

  • ltunes

    Linux interface for iPod. Music library and update your iPod with lTunes for Linux

  • geomspace

    GeomSpace is interactive geometry software for different geometric spaces. You can build your own universe of any dimension and with any geometry. ...

    Licensed under: GPL-2.0 ... 

  • graphicopt

    this is a small program who can improve the graphic card up to 1xxxx times

    Licensed under: Adaptive Public License 

  • gmailcontacts

    This is an attempt to modify the GMail contacts by exporting the contacts info into a CSV file and then editing the CSV file using a tool designed...

  • lmc-mcplainpack

    A texture pack made for minecraft designed around low performance PCs to allow them to play minecraft with decent FPS while still having a relative...