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  • ihexds

    IHE Cross Enterprise Document Sharing reference implementation. This tool contains a syslog Server for the ATNA IHE Integration Profile.

  • sed-bdx-test

    Dummy test project

  • audioseg

    AudioSeg is a toolkit dedicated to audio segmentation andclassification of audio streams. The toolkit implements standard reference algorithm...

    Licensed under: GPL 

  • asclepiospublic

    This project hosts the open source code produced by the INRIA Asclepios team.

    Licensed under: LGPL 

  • wellanalyzer

    Graphic tool which purpose is to analyze wellreader data.

  • vismaster

    VisMaster is a European Coordination Action Project focused on the research discipline of Visual Analytics.

  • romsagrif

    ROMS_AGRIF/ROMS_TOOLSA Regional Oceanic Modeling System with mesh refinement, pre- and post-processing tools

  • ontotrix

    OntoTrix is a visualization technique designed to enable users to visualize large OWL ontology instance sets. The technique uses both node-link and...

    Licensed under: BSD 

  • flocq

    Flocq (Floats for Coq) is a floating-point formalization for the Coq system. It provides a comprehensive library of theorems on a multi-radix multi...

  • biopi-lille-ros

    Imperative Pi CalculusA cooperation between Lille and Rostockon programming languages for systems biology.

  • mpqs

    MPQS (Multiple Polynomial Quadratic Sieve)

    Licensed under: GPL 

  • parconine

    Parconine is a continuous integration environment for natural languages parsers

    Licensed under: CeCILL 

  • mhdrviewer

    This software is intended for visualization of HDR images. It provides a modular framework and libraries, and makes use of GPU for hardware-acceler...

    Licensed under: CeCILL 

  • open-mx

    Open-MX is a high-performance implementation of the Myrinet Express message-passing stack over generic Ethernet networks with wire and application ...

    Licensed under: GPL 

  • feats

    API Java de gestion des structures de traits

  • murge

    MURGE is a common interface to several sparse linear solvers. This projet aims at providing a interface that can be use in numerical simulation to ...

  • cagobib

    Just some documentation/bib about memory management and behaviour for my thesis.

  • prpni

    Implementation of tree-RPNI with path-only and path-extended pruning

  • isn-live

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    Licensed under: GPL 

  • anf2cnf

    This project aims to write an ANF-to-CNF converter that uses out all possible optimisations to better suit the need of the SAT-solving and cryptogr...