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  • testxproject

    Just Testing Project

    Licensed under: GPL-2.0 

  • cs2d-anticheat

    A Anticheat for Unrealsoftware`s Counter Strike 2D...

    Licensed under: MPL-1.1 

  • snowmen-ndi

    repository for one event

    Licensed under: Apache-2.0 

  • primeiroprojetojmon

    Vou tentar fazer algo que faça sentido, mas já vou avisando que não tenho nenhuma experiencia nisso.

    Licensed under: GPL-2.0 

  • bioinformatikz

    The gadgets are intended to do simple bioinformatics jobs

    Licensed under: GPL-2.0 

  • python-vcbrowser

    *1. Introduction *2. Installation o 2.1. Hard dependencies o 2.2. Other dependencies *3. Usage *4. API *5. Contribute, damn it! 1. Introduction Ab...

    Licensed under: MIT 

  • onlinemovieticket

    Online Movie Ticket Project

    Licensed under: GPL-2.0 

  • mini-cines

    Proyecto final de DAI2

    Licensed under: EPL-1.0 

  • proyectos-tdp-2011

    Proyectos Tecnologia de la Programacion

    Licensed under: Apache-2.0 

  • robresearch


    Licensed under: MIT 

  • oregoncore-clone

    Oregon is a project dedicated to creating a world-class MMORPG framework.Originally based on code from the MaNGOS and Trinity projects, Oregon has ...

    Licensed under: GPL-2.0 

  • swatelco

    swa project group 09

    Licensed under: LGPL 

  • employ-manage-system-jsp

    it just a exercise

    Licensed under: BSD 

  • fase2

    La fase 2 del proyecto de Java consta de una biblioteca virtual con ciertos requerimientos de usuario y funcionales.

    Licensed under: GPL-2.0 

  • mysepta

    MySepta is an Android application that aims to provide SEPTA’s riders who have access to an Android mobile web, the ability to search SEPTA trans...

    Licensed under: GPL 

  • bezerra2009acmcie

    Paper sobre balanceamento de carga de servidores de MMOG utilizando kd-trees

    Licensed under: LGPL 

  • lab-samples

    This is my project for test code. Don't tell anything about it.

    Licensed under: GPL-3.0 

  • online-expo

    Licensed under: Apache-2.0 

  • junithelper

    JUnit Helper This project has been moved to GitHub. the latest ver...

    Licensed under: Apache-2.0 

  • szunigab-project

    test de creación de un tema

    Licensed under: Apache-2.0