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  • questsmaker

    Quests MakerCompilingYou need Qt4 or later.DownloadingFirst releaseHere OrHere

    Licensed under: GPL-3.0 

  • javascrambler

    An app that encodes/decodes strings based on a user defined mapping

    Licensed under: Apache-2.0 

  • great-deal


    Licensed under: Other Open Source 

  • as2fever

    Fever is an OpenSource ActionScript 2.0 Framework targeted for Flash Player version >= 8.Fever is composed in 3 main sections : - The pure Fever Fr...

    Licensed under: MPL-1.1 

  • 3-1-primer-proyecto-mastermind

    Aqui esta el primer proyecto de la asignatura laboratorio II seccion 3 grupo numero 1

    Licensed under: Apache-2.0 

  • autopilot-dotnet

    This is watin/gallio/mbunit base framework which exposes fluent interface through which writing UI testing is made simple. While performing action,...

    Licensed under: Apache-2.0 

  • mariberkawand

    ciptakan imajinasi mu

    Licensed under: GPL-3.0 

  • thinking-desktop

    Purpose of Porject is that create dynamic wallpaer on Mac OSX.

    Licensed under: Apache-2.0 

  • seriesguide

    SeriesGuide moved to GitHub Please have a look at our new webpage !Source code, AP...

    Licensed under: Apache-2.0 

  • wistaria-project

    I use Open Social for the first time. This is a test project for my study.

    Licensed under: Apache-2.0 

  • designpatternswithdotnet

    GoF Design Patterns in .Net

    Licensed under: GPL-3.0 

  • lmg-drupal

    SVN sharing for LMG site with drupal

    Licensed under: GPL-2.0 

  • ryantesting

    Trying. If it works, I will come up with something real and exciting.

    Licensed under: Apache-2.0 

  • al-data-version


    Licensed under: EPL-1.0 

  • utn-tiendaweb

    tienda WEB

    Licensed under: GPL-3.0 

  • port-scan-haskell

    port-scan program can find open ports in several subnets. It is written in Haskell and make use of forkIO to create multiple threads to test a lot ...

    Licensed under: GPL-3.0 

  • mashup-jupegarnica-feedsvsjsapi

    Created with the Google Mashup Editor.

    Licensed under: Apache-2.0 

  • akathorntest

    Test project to see how to work with svn and mercurial

    Licensed under: GPL-3.0 

  • atg-netoffice

    Airtop's Fork of the NetOffice Project

    Licensed under: LGPL 

  • techtella-continued

    Originally part of CS2335, this is a personal continuation to get a more stable result.

    Licensed under: GPL-2.0