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  • rembrall

    This project creates a collaborative computer based learning (CBL) platform capable of animating a wide range of data. It recapitulates the learnin...

  • lan1222

    No description

  • cololarsen.u

  • toodoo

    online and offline ToDo list program

    Licensed under: BSD 

  • psp81.u

  • rssplurk

    Plurk bot which publishes RSS feeds into Plurk's timeline. It watches for the list of RSS feeds and updates Plurk's timeline with news, taken from ...

    Licensed under: EPL-1.0 

  • gameservirc

    A multiplayer RPG that connects as a psuedo server to an IRCD. Built in the tradition of old BBS Door games such as LORD (

    Licensed under: GPL-2.0 ... 

  • videolibrary

    c++ project on video library

  • gawi

    An accounting web interface that allows users of a domain (NIS, NIS+, samba... even mixed) to manage their account remotely, using a common intern...

    Licensed under: GPL 

  • piaolinqianli

    Open Source Software

  • bookdesk

    An enhancement for department of publications.

  • zope-edu

    Zope in Education - Zope is helping educators everywhere take advantage of the latest innovations on the Internet. Welcome to the forum where educa...

  • crypticplus

    Derived from TrueCrypt 6.3 release, I added some command line options to "TrueCrypt Format.exe" to allow TrueCrypt volumes to be created without us...

    Licensed under: Other License 

  • crp

    CRP is a package that automates the process of being the program chair of a conference. It's designed to be easy to install (requiring only MySQL a...

    Licensed under: MIT 

  • sanepic

    Signal And Noise Estimation Procedure Including Correlation (SANEPIC) has been originaly developped by G. Patanchon to be used on data from the Bal...

  • alexandria provides free hosting for Open Source software development projects. This is the project used to support t...

    Licensed under: Dynamic Content 

  • wcalib

    Web Content Accessibility Library (wcalib) is a C++ library for checking Web content accessibility of an (X)HTML resource, according to W3C's WAI a...

  • santimakhele.u

  • brewery

    PPD and Windows(TM) INF file for the Ghostscript pdfwrite deviceWord plugin for plug-in for extraction of document structure and pdfmark generation.

  • fileman

    Web based substitute for FTP. Uses PHP/*SQL/Javascript to provide an easy to use interface for the average user that isn't fond of FTP.

    Licensed under: Public Domain