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  • phormulae

    php classes for rapid html + php forms developing

  • getldapurl

    small command line tool to do LDAP queries using URLs according to RFC 2255

  • heterei

    Software de control de restaurantes.

    Licensed under: Sales 

  • antisolipsistic

    This project is intended to develop browser plugins (or other technologies that are available wherever the reader goes on the Web) that promote ope...

  • mailboxsdkviewe

    Mailbox SDK API interface between any email client and your application. Support: MS Outlook, MS Outlook Express, MS Windows Mail, Thunderbird and...

  • sourcery

    Sourcery is an interactive cross-platform disassembler that ties together libbfd, libopcodes & GTK.

  • dimmx.u

  • picblogger

    PicBlogger is an opensource Photo Blogging web application beign developed in

    Licensed under: GPL 

  • visualizador

    This projetct intends to build a visualization tool for Finite Element Method tetrahedral meshes created by a mesh generator called TetGen. The us...

    Licensed under: GPL 

  • erpts-v2

    The eRPTS is a web-based application that is meant to facilitate the process of assessing real properties and the collection of taxes thereof at s...

  • binclock-win

    A tiny binary clock display integrated into Windows XP taskbar, replacing the standard clock in the taskbar notification area. Two display modes (s...

    Licensed under: Public Domain 

  • ampdangel

    Styles, Mods, Addons and Hacks for Woltlab Burning Board Lite (wBB lite), Jupiter Content System (JCM), OneCMS, BlogPHP, Php-Fusion, and other cms,...

    Licensed under: GPL-2.0 ... 

  • jdeplus

    jde+ is a C++ robotics middleware. It can simplify the construction of mobile robotics applications based on JDE theory (see http://gsyc.escet.urjc...

    Licensed under: GPL-2.0 ... 

  • mactagger

    This project is intended to develop a Cocoa app capable of editing ALL available iTunes metadata, in an easy and efficient manner.

    Licensed under: Other License 

  • roejames12.u

  • crfparser

    crfparser is a simple open source projective Maximum Spanning Tree dependency parser for practical natural language processing applications.

  • papotewebchat

    PHP web chat system with forum and private rooms, no database required. Designed for maximum compatibility with common browsers. French and English...

    Licensed under: PHP-3.0 

  • ssem

    The Standart SFENCE Extension Module (SSEM) includes basic extensions for the SFENCE dynamic library. It means extensions for reading files, workin...

    Licensed under: BSD 

  • xmlproxyspy

    A full java project.The project use the technique of proxying requests to be able to records its. The swing interface will let you recording the h...

    Licensed under: Apache 

  • errekeah

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