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  • utensil

    Simple GWT Widget Library

    Licensed under: Apache-2.0 

  • guhwrtoolkit

    Griffith Handwriting Recognition toolkit

  • bslern

    Braille teaching program for sighted or blind users Supports speech output and braille in output by braille terminal if used with the screenreader ...

    Licensed under: GPL-3.0 

  • mywebsite1

    I love website,so I use this.

  • sbrt

    The Systems Biology Research Tool (SBRT) is both an application and an application programming interface (API) intended to facilitate the computati...

    Licensed under: GPL-2.0 ... 

  • imserve

    A Python Script that prepare your media collection for secure streaming over Internet to your iPhone or iPod touch.

    Licensed under: GPL-2.0 ... 

  • nutraslimrview

    NutraSlim is an excellent natural and clinically proven dietary supplement that contains all the well known and good quality key ingredients http z...

  • exactitude

    This is a framework used to convert files from one format to another, while providing a measurement of the accuracy and fidelity of the conversion ...

    Licensed under: BSD 

  • gloryorbit

    Some new and modified content for the earth and beyond emulator This project has nothing to do with other Earth and Beyond emulators This project i...

    Licensed under: 64-bit MS Windows 

  • zlatk0.u

  • xith-tk

    Community contributed Xith3D tools, examples and documentation

    Licensed under: BSD 

  • bongo

    my music that i check out.

  • dirtysuka.u

  • testsample123


  • hodgsonmaths

    This is a maths game (not really a game) it uses the dos prompt to interact future versions will be using a windows form this program is only crea...

  • awelements

    Elements for web application, designed from the application programmer's point of view. Keywords: Java, Javascript, AJAX, MVC. The core component i...

    Licensed under: BSD 

  • jmmorpg

    Projeto de criação de um mmorpg em Java (Open-Source/Free), tanto no lado Cliente, quanto no lado Servidor. (Autor: Michel P. Montenegro - E-mail...

    Licensed under: BSD 

  • c-inside

    C-Inside is a feature-rich run-time interpreter of the C programming language. Statements can include complex expressions and arbitrary function ca...

    Licensed under: GPL-2.0 ... 

  • yell

    Remote monitoring system

  • hit8066software

    The topic for the project is software configuration project.The aim of the project is to produce a technical report on major scm tools. We are fro...