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  • cheverisimo.u

  • sessionpage

    A Firefox 2 0 extension that display a list of your unclosed pages tabs in last session in a start page so you have a choice to decide which one yo...

    Licensed under: MPL-1.1 

  • thinslicing

    Eclipse Thin Slicer is an Eclipse plug-in that does Thin Slicing to aid in debugging and understanding Java code. A programmer can see what parts o...

    Licensed under: EPL-1.0 

  • arlisy

    Arlisy stands for artificial life synthesizer. It uses artificial neural networks and an evolutionary algorithm to simulate the process of life.

    Licensed under: GPL-2.0 ... 

  • aperteworkflow

    Licensed under: LGPL-2.0 

  • dayatthebeach

    A video me and my friend made up out of bordem.

  • tagazan

    Webtool for assisted documentation involving stakeholders and scholars.

    Licensed under: GPL 

  • cmbt-sim

    A Combat Simulator for World of Warcraft.At the moment its in pre-Alpha and just does some calculations for the Warrior Class.

    Licensed under: Public Domain 

  • man-mem-frmwork

    The purpose of the Managed Memory Framework for C++ is to offer an abstraction layer over the basic memory management available in the C++ library...

  • pzzytat.u

  • vsyslog

    vSysLog is simple syslog viewer developed for showing syslog messages in more human-readable form. This software uses user-defined patterns for for...

    Licensed under: GPL-2.0 ... 

  • dmacontrol

    dmaControl is a DMA (differential mobility analyzer) control software for aerosol measurements.

    Licensed under: GPL-3.0 

  • zmfhdn77.u

  • webdds

    Web based digital distribution system.

  • verbalverifica

    No description

  • dmcgill.u

  • sip-communicato

    This software uses P2PSIP technology to improve the tradition SIP communication architecture,it can find the other users by the DHT technology,and ...

  • proiectcolectiv

  • watershed4d

    Parallel implementation of watershed4d on the processor Cell

    Licensed under: GPL ... 

  • mscyan

    This is a C++ implementation of classic minesweeper game using FLTK as GUI.

    Licensed under: GPL-3.0