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  • cuhf1sound20

    Reproductor de mp3 en Python con interfaz en Tkinter, altamente elaborado y muy estable.

  • tiffio

    TiffIO is a plugin to enable TIFF images from any Qt app. The plugin is a wrapper to libtiff 3.9.4 : It enables any Qt3 or Qt4 based application to...

    Licensed under: GPL-2.0 ... 

  • cacheca

    Cacheca is a transaction-ready distributed lock and cache layer for Java. It supports advanced lock mode like S, X, IS, IS, SIX, U. Cacheca is crea...

    Licensed under: Sleepycat 

  • koffienews

    KoffieNews is a Java-based Usenet news reader. It supports B-News, Yenc, UUenc and Base64 decoding of binaries. For posting binaries, it supports t...

  • topfield

    Tools and utilities for the users of the Topfield TF4000PVR family of Set Top Boxes for DVB digital television.

  • openedison

    Open source electronic design software.

  • rof

    This project is a simple program written in C to find out the Value of Ohms in a resister. (Electronics)

  • tp4xfancontrol

    Solution to the cooling fan noise annoyances Thinkpad T4x (T40/T41/T42/T43) notebook series. Allows the user to control fan activity based on the s...

    Licensed under: System 

  • skletenblack.u

  • moreman.u

  • toplinebookmark

    The TopLine Bookmark is a Google Gadget, which shows webpage bookmarks in a treeview. User can add, delete and modify the bookmarks via webpage in...

    Licensed under: MPL-1.1 

  • dkaa

    This is a Java project that aims to provide an implementaion of the Oasis Kerberos Token Profile 1.1, by providing both client and server side jav...

  • whttp

    A simple HTTP server for Windows NT/2000/XP

    Licensed under: GPL-2.0 ... 

  • coryboyle.u

  • plistcompiler

    PList Compiler is a property list compiler for Xcode. It lets you build localized and non-localized plist files from plc and ploc source files.

  • terroid


  • andrejd

  • isncassebricke

    No description

  • octavestudio

    Octave Studio is a free, open source, and easy-to-use Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for GNU Octave, the open-source programming languag...

  • netxeyes

    No description