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  • isu-classes

    Notes used for classses

    Licensed under: MIT 

  • klonemobile

    An web based app with exclusive functionality for subscribers

    Licensed under: GPL-3.0 

  • platformmania

    to be announced

    Licensed under: Other Open Source 

  • pfeopenplug

    PFE Windows Mobile - OpenPlugAdaptation du porting layer sur windowss mobile(Anthony Alberto - Yecine Dhouib)

    Licensed under: MPL-1.1 

  • vkhealth

    for me only

    Licensed under: GPL 

  • simplesns

    A sample sns project by microsoft silverlight.

    Licensed under: Apache-2.0 

  • vendstescreation

    projet perso

    Licensed under: Apache-2.0 

  • maveneclipseintegration

    Maven integration for Eclipse.

    Licensed under: EPL-1.0 

  • bastardizedtesting

    This project allows for testing in a variety of platforms.

    Licensed under: GPL-2.0 

  • abocphplib


    Licensed under: Apache-2.0 

  • erp-insia-sigl2

    Développement d'un ERP pour l'INSIA, école d'ingénierie informatique, SIGL2

    Licensed under: GPL-3.0 

  • brainhaxmedia-v1

    V1 working live as of 01-30-2012

    Licensed under: EPL-1.0 

  • deploydatabasemanager

    This project is a group of tool for keeping the status of the unit test, referenting to the changes of the database structure.

    Licensed under: MIT 

  • wow-armory-api

    A Java API for retrieving and parsing data from the World of Warcraft online Armory.

    Licensed under: Apache-2.0 

  • manguni-mp3-bank-proj

    Pointwest Training MP3 Bank

    Licensed under: EPL-1.0 

  • primandroid

    Various Android development.

    Licensed under: GPL-3.0 

  • sokoban-py

    Implementación de un juego de Sokoban con inteligencia artificial.

    Licensed under: LGPL 

  • awas-automated-web-app-scanner

    Create a better web app scanner.The goal of the project is to create a web application scanner that can be used for both functionality and security...

    Licensed under: GPL-2.0 

  • chusb

    Get Charging info of the Energizer CHUSB (Energizer CHUSB Duo Charger (NiMH AA/AAA USB smart charger)) on Linux.Side node:The device works on Linux...

    Licensed under: GPL-3.0 

  • maniaplanet-ws-sdk

    Maniaplanet Web Services The Maniaplanet Web Services is the public API that everyone can use to retrieve various information about the game, the p...

    Licensed under: LGPL